There are not many things that can be added to a room these days that look as timeless and stylish as wooden blinds. As with all things available for interiors, the trick is getting them to fit into your surrounding space. In this post we are going to go through the different ways in which you can make your wooden blinds fit just right.

Choose The Right Blind For The Right Room

Wooden blinds have a great natural feel and can bring beauty to any room in your home. But spaces such as your bathroom, kitchen and even conservatory need some careful consideration. If you want to get the look and feel of wood in your kitchen or bathroom, but want the blind to last. Consider getting a faux wood, as these will be able to withstand damp conditions, water attacks and heat which comes about when the rooms are in use.

Looking to use them in your bedroom? Having a larger slat size will help to give a more open feel and if your room is overlooking your garden or courtyard, then it can allow for you to have a fuller view. If you are wanting privacy due to living in a more urban space, then you should go for a smaller slat, as this will help to give a more private feeling.

Different Styles Will Give A Different Feel

Wood in your home can help to bring in a natural warmth and calmness to any space. But, it must be planned out correctly to ensure that you don’t end up with a hard and echo-y space (The use of soft furnishings will help to dampen the echo received from the wood) . If you use wood properly, it can bring a room together with a classical look.

Wood Venetian Blinds inside a modern styled home office can really add a seriousness to the room. Whilst having a full height plantation shutter for a door which leads out into the garden from your dining room, begins to suggest the grand hotel type with drinks out on the balcony. Using either a beech or lighter coloured wood will give a Scandi feel, helping to add a certain freshness to any contemporary bedroom.

If you are looking for a more relaxed feel, painted wooden blinds are a great idea! They can be playful and add a certain structure. Using pales tones such as pale white or aqua will help give a white washed island feel. Two tone ombre blinds can help to add some playfulness without having strong colour blocked effects.

What Are The Benefits? 

Of course apart from all the obvious style and colour choices that are available with wooden blinds, there are a great number of practical features which help compliment these beautiful blinds. With the ability to have full control over the amount of light that comes into your home, not to mention the amount of privacy that these blinds can give you. On a bright sunny day simply tilting the slats backwards facing upwards will help to deflect the sun light.

Hopefully this post has helped inform you about how to get your wooden blinds looking right.

Post by Stephanie Hudson.

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