As much as we dearly love our pets, dealing with pet hairs and messes remains a common headache among pet owners. Not only are they hard to completely get rid of, but they also tend to pile up in hard to reach areas such as under furniture and in crevices. What if there was a way to clean all these up without lifting a finger? I’m sure having your dog or cat around would be more enjoyable. Apparently, there is a way out of all the cleaning stress: a robot vacuum cleaner that has been designed specifically for households with pets. So, how do you know which robotic pet hair vacuum is best for your home? Read on to find the qualities that make the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

Powerful Suction Power

A powerful suction power is the first property that makes a vacuum cleaner tick. Such a vacuum will suck up any dirt effectively and this is especially important in households with pets. Powerful suction is resultant of a high quality motor that rotates at higher speeds, producing an area of low pressure that promotes faster and more powerful inhalation of any dust, debris, hairs, food particles and pet messes within a short period. The design of the dirt inlet also determines the level of suction as well as the amount of dirt that can be gotten rid of at a go. Modern robotic vacuums feature more advanced nozzle designs, filtration systems and technological features that work hand in hand to promote their suction power, thus better results for pet owners. The iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum offers superb suction with at least 5 times more air power as compared to other vacuums of its caliber.

Reliable Filtration System

The most reliable filtration system consists of filters that do not clog up easily and fast. The most common and efficient filters used in robotic pet vacuums include HEPA filters, which are endorsed by numerous medical organizations for their high efficacy in getting rid of allergens from the environment. This is especially helpful for people with asthma and other allergies as it eliminates up to 99.9% of pet dander, airborne dust and dust mites among other pollutants. The carbon filter is also handy when it comes to clearing of household odors that are common in homes with pets. Washable filters on the other hand, will make it easier and more cost-effective for the homeowner to keep the vacuum up and running by simply washing, drying and replacing the filter whenever it gets clogged up with dirt. The quality of filtration will also determine if the vacuum loses its suction power as its dirt container starts filling up.

Larger Capacity

Since we all desire a seamless vacuuming experience, especially with pets that shed off a lot of fur, investing in a robot vacuum with a larger dirt container is inevitable. A larger capacity robotic vacuum will hold more dirt and debris, thus no need for emptying it every now and then during vacuuming. This makes vacuuming more convenient, especially if you schedule it to clean up your floors when you are away for a long period. This way, the vacuum may actually clean for multiple sessions without needing to be emptied. To know the vacuums with the largest capacities, you should go through several reviews on the different online shops. For some interesting reviews of the best vacuums, you can read on the Robotbox website.

Longer Battery Life

The longer the battery life of a robotic vacuum, the longer the vacuum can run without interruption. Once its battery hits full charge, the best robotic vacuums can run for up to 3 hours without having to recharge, which is sufficient time to vacuum one floor of a medium-sized house. It is even better if the vacuum has a short recharge time to reduce the duration of interrupted vacuuming. Even more convenient does it become if it has its own charging dock and it automatically moves to the dock for recharge whenever a low charge is detected. The iLife V3s Robot Vacuum is one of the vacuums that can automatically move to their charging dock for recharging whenever it is running low on charge.

Multiple Brushes

Besides powerful suction power, effective brushes are responsible for ensuring amazing cleaning results. The best robotic vacuums feature multiple brushes that agitate stuck-in dirt, which is common with pet hairs, making it easier for it to be sucked into the vacuum. These brushes could also have the power to sweep, vacuum, sterilize and mop your floors, just like the bObsweep Pet Hair 5-in-1 Robot Vacuum. It also helps if the multiple brushes automatically adjust themselves for vacuuming different types of surfaces including carpets and bare floors.

Low Profile Design

A low profile design makes it possible for the robot vacuum to access tight areas such as under your couch or bed. These areas are primarily the collection point for most of the dirt and pet messes, and getting a vacuum that can get into these areas and conduct thorough cleaning is truly a blessing for any pet lover. The rounded design of the robot vacuum also makes maneuverability around obstacles a lot easier.

Remote/Wireless Control

With the use of modern wireless technology on the rise, most robot vacuum manufacturers are also incorporating this feature into their vacuums. Having the ability to remotely control or schedule your vacuum via Bluetooth or WiFi makes it much easier to clean your home even while away from home. This actually makes it easier to manage pet hairs and pet messes on a regular basis regardless of your schedule. In conjunction with cameras and other technologies such as the iAdapt navigation system, most advanced robot vacuums such as the iRoomba 980 can easily detect obstacles and edges, thus preventing them from bumping onto furniture or falling over stairs while vacuuming. This makes remote control even safer and dependable.

Durable Construction

Since most homeowners will leave their robotic vacuum cleaner unmanned most of the time, there is a probability of them bumping onto obstacles or flipping over whenever they try moving over carpets with long fibers. This calls for stronger and durable materials being used in their construction. Strong plastics, PVC, steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in making robot vacuums. Others also have rubberized surfaces to protect them in case they bump into obstacles or fall over edges. Their construction quality is also well thought out to ensure that no single part or connection is weak.

Unnoticeable Noise Levels

While some people may view this feature as negligible, it is a truly effective feature. A noisy vacuum will definitely scare your pets, and this may result in your dear dog or cat attacking the vacuum, in turn destroying it. So, find yourself a robotic vacuum with imperceptible noise levels for peaceful coexistence with your pets.


Investing in a robotic pet vacuum is one incredible lifetime investment for any pet owner. As much as you would love to own a full-sized vacuum cleaner, it can never beat a robotic vac when it comes to convenience, ease of operation and access to tight spaces. With the numerous brands and models in the market, a myriad of options are available for you to choose from and going through a couple of reviews before buying is wise. This will put everything about investing in the right robotic vacuum for pet hair into the right perspective, making your investment process a breeze.

Guest post by Andy.

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