In a clip uploaded to Imgur, the cruise ship can be seen in stormy conditions.

As waves batter the side of it, the ships rocks precariously back and forth.

After a few seconds of footage, the cruise ship turns completely on its side.

It hangs there, and it is not clear whether the ship will turn entirely into the sea.

Cruise ships are not ocean liners, they are designed for calm seas

Luckily, the ship rights itself and crashes back into the stormy sea.

The clip has gone viral online, with over 102,000 views.

Commenters were shocked by the footage, and rushed to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “Cruise ships are not ocean liners, they are designed for calm seas. When big storms approach need to scurry to port. Don’t always make it.” (sic)


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cruise ship storm capsize imgur viral videoImgur/futamo

WATCH: The cruise ship is battered by waves during the terrifying storm

Another said: “It’s broadside to the waves, which is really bad. Must have lost power or steering. Facing into these waves wouldn’t be nearly as bad.”

One noted: “Imagine how expensive that was. I’m sure a lot of expensive s*** like tvs, appliances, etc. fell over and broke and other s*** like that.”

One simply said: “Oh god this is my nightmare.”

Several commenters noted this was from an incident in 2005, and the footage was captured by rescue helicopters.

cruise ship storm capsize imgur viral videoImgur/futamo

WATCH: Luckily the cruise ship rights itself and does not capsize

While most people would worry about the threat of water while on a cruise ship, there is in fact something else that causes more issues for the large liners.

Despite having extremely streamlined safety records, luxury liners aren’t immune to threats out in open waters. has consulted the experts at NAPA, the software installed on all cruise ships around the world that’s tasked with the crucial responsibility of safety on board.

According to NAPA’s executive vice president Esa Henttinen, there’s one threat that far exceeds the rest.

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