Being caught in the middle of a lightning strike is a terrifying prospect.

As well as this, being near a huge conductor such as a plane can put someone in much more danger.

One man who had the bad luck to be near one whilst working ended up suffering the terrifying consequences.

It is certainly a nerve wracking watch.

The aircraft then conducts the electricity through the man

The video captures the moment the lightning bolt hits the back of the plane at Florida International Airport.

The aircraft then conducts the electricity through the man, identified as Austin Dunn, 21, who was working on the plane.

It travels down his body and the video then shows him falling to the ground.

His fellow colleagues are seen immediately rushing to his aid.


A viral video shows a lightning strike hit a plane and go through an airport worker

Thankfully, he survived the strike and was rushed to the hospital, suffering from third-degree burns and a bleed on the brain.

He then spent two weeks recovering but is reported to have been discharged.

His father, Kyle Dunn posted on Facebook: “Austin is sleeping a lot and mending physically and mentally, then Friday we start treatments up here in Tampa for his 3rd-degree burns on his hand.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist in his future medical bills for the treatment he will need regarding nerve damage to his legs.

viral video lighting strike airport workerNBC2

The video shows the moment the man gets hit by lightning but thankfully survives

It’s not the only brush with lightning caught on camera.

A dash cam filmed the terrifying moment a lightning bolt hit a tree alongside the busy road.

It then causes a huge rain of red sparks to shower down on the other cars.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

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