The Pet Town can offer your animal the perfect shelter. There is a bit of a taboo on giving up pets at the shelter. The word ‘dump’ is often mentioned, but that is not always right. It is true that before you consider owning a pet you should imagine what it means to have to take care of a cat, dog or another pet for many years. But your life can also change in the meantime due to various causes.


Are animal shelters full?

Asylum is full, you can hear that too often. This is not only because people bring their pets to a shelter, but because animals run away from home sometimes and get lost. People find the animals and take them to the nearest shelter. Animals also end up at a shelters because people leave the animals there.

Yet there is also a regular place in an asylum. This is because the shelter search daily for new owners. Every day people adopt cats and dogs from a shelter which frees up space. If you need to bring an animal to the shelter, first find out if they have room to place your dog or cat. It is stressful enough just taking your animal to the shelter without the added disappointment of being told there is no room.

Life at the shelter

You’re pet is not immediately placed in the shelter between peers, but first in a separate room. He/she is medically examined and checked for fleas and other parasites, and treated as necessary. The Pet Town has dogs and cats in shelters which receive vaccinations and are neutered or sterilized (if necessary). Cats are neutered or sterilized as standard to prevent reproduction. In dogs, this is only done if it is necessary for medical reasons.

If everything goes well, the animals are placed together regularly to socialise. The dogs are mixed with other dogs and the cats with other cats. There are secure areas for the cats and dogs to play, both outside and inside. The dogs are taken out for walks beyond the shelter by employees and volunteers too. All the animals in shelters are well cared for at The Pet Town and enjoy a happy life.

Guest post written by The Pet Town