Many dog owners invest in indestructible dog crates these days because they are so useful for many reasons. Perhaps your dog is particularly destructive when left alone in your home. Maybe you have a puppy which needs to understand the different between play time and sleep time. Some breeds are simply so large that they could escape from a standard dog crate. Other breeds, such as a Rottweiler, have a pretty powerful bite, which could potentially penetrate through some crates. If you’re looking for indestructible dog crates then we can help with top recommendation.


If you have an energetic, mischievous dog or puppy then you’ll want to consider introducing an indestructible dog crate. They’re a fantastic facility to have to both discipline and contain your dog when needed. It’s important though, to teach your dog to understand that its crate is a safe, cosy environment to rest, travel and sleep. You must ensure that your dog isn’t left in its crate for too long and doesn’t associate it with abandonment. This is key to ensuring a healthy relationship between dog and crate.


There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a dog crate. How important each factor is will depend on what and when you are using the crate for. Here are the top things to consider:

  1. Think about what size crate would be best for your pooch. This is really important because dogs need a reasonable amount of space to turn around and change position, if needed. They also hate lying in their own mess so it needs to be big enough in case they do soil their bed.
  2. Consider what the dog crate is going to be used for. Is it going to be their permanent bed? Is it simply for travel purposes? Or is it to contain them during their puppy months?
  3. Dog crates frequently come with a number of additional features which include top access or double doors, wheels for easy transportation and removable trays for easy cleaning.

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