It’s Spring! This means only one thing. Time to tackle those much needed home improvements. It’s often around this time of year when homeowners start to get invigorated by the longer, warmer days. You too may have experienced this feeling and are now wondering where to focus your DIY attention. Should you make some home improvements to the living spare around your home? Or should you focus your attention on the garden? After all, summer will be here before you know it and you’ll be spending more time outside than in with any luck.

Whether you’re simply looking to add a few new pieces of furniture, or completely reinvent a particular space, consider a helping hand from Pronto Assembly. Experts when it comes to flat pack IKEA furniture, Pronto Assembly have a team of knowledgeable, highly trained professionals with years of experience. They are an indispensable asset to RTA (ready to assemble) and DIY (do it yourself) furniture companies. Why get yourself into a pickle, spending hours trying to understand complicated instructions when you can call in the experts instead!

If you’re planning to head off on an extended vacation and asking house sitters to look after your pets, consider what might make their house sitting experience even more enjoyable. Perhaps your home would benefit from an extra clean before your house sitters arrive, to ensure standards are set from day one. Or maybe some minor home improvements to a few of the rooms would provide better facilities for their stay. If you’re asking house sitters to stay longer than a week it’s likely they’ll need some wardrobe space to hang their clothes, along with some draws for storage. Sitters appreciate these extra thoughtful touches when they arrive into a new home.

Whatever home improvements you are planning to indulge in this spring, remember to make it fun and call for a helping hand if you need it.