If you’re new to house and pet sitting you may find yourself asking the question, ‘how do I secure my first house sitting job?’ Rest assured¬†that this is a question a lot of new house sitters ask themselves. If you have never completed a house sit before then you may think that you’re inexperienced and an unlikely choice for a homeowner. However, this assumption may do you no favours, when in fact you have more experience than you think.

  • Have you ever taken your neighbours dog for a walk?
  • Do you have any pets, or have you previously had them?
  • Have you looked after a family members pet whilst they’ve been away?
  • Do you have your own place, or manage a property you rent out?
  • Do you go weak at the knees and super soppy when ever you come into contact with any type of animal or pet?

If you have answered YES to at least one of these questions then you’re more experienced at house and pet sitting than you think. Everyone has to start somewhere and beginning with the basics is a better place than any.

First Step – Join our platform

In order to secure your first house sitting job you’ll need to join our house sitting platform to meet others. This is normally a website where sitters and homeowners can make initial contact with each other via a third party. Both parties create their own respective profiles/listing on the website platform. Homeowners explain when and where they need a sitter, as well as outline whether they have any pets which need looking after. Sitters create a profile which explains who they are and what experience they have with animals, as well as mention any relevant references.

Once you have added your basic profile information, house sitters will be able to apply for house sits and homeowners will be able to list their sit. You are now well on your way to joining the worlds biggest growing house sitting community!

Next Step – List your experiences

In order to secure that first house sitting job you’ll need to evidence what relevant life skills and animal experiences you’ve had previously. When you think about it, you can probably provide lots of examples of when you have cared for pets. Trusted House Sitters also allow you to add external references too. So, if you have looked after your friends cat before, write this in your profile and also ask your friend to provide a reference. If you regularly take your neighbours dog out for walks, or are a member of Borrow My Doggy, then mention this in your profile too.

Perhaps you had a family pet when you were living at home with your parents and understand why pets like routines. If you have always had a pet in your home (perhaps still do) demonstrate that you understand the responsibilities of owning a pet, including bathing them, cleaning up poop and sick, grooming them and ensuring they’re happy and healthy. All of these personal experiences will create an appealing sitter profile. It’ll demonstrate to a homeowner that you have lots of experience with animals, even though you have never formally house sat per say.

A house sitting job is not just about looking after animals. It’s also about minding a home and being responsible for someone else’s property. As best you can, write examples on your profile about how you look after your own home and what you would do in an emergency. You may also wish to mention any previous work experiences you have which relate to minding a home or property. If you can, ask your employer to write you an external reference too.

Final Step – Be open and honest

Once you have created your house sitter profile, start applying for sits close to home. It’s always best to start with house sits close to where you live because you can always offer to visit the homeowner in person. In order to secure that first house sitting job you should be prepared to visit the homeowner (perhaps more than once) so that they can better understand who you are. I always find that being completely open and honest is the best way forward, especially if you’re trying something new. It’s important that both you and the homeowner are 100% happy before committing to any sits. If you have the experience and knowledge you mention in your profile, as well as a genuine deep love for animals then you’ll be snapped up in no time for your first house sit!

Join up today and good luck!!

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