Safe Cat Collars For Your Feline

Cat collars come in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. For example, there are nylon ones and velvet ones. Collars with a quick release clasp as well as those which also include a bell. You can even buy a collar which has a reflective strip. A reflective cat collar is ideal for felines which tend to spend a lot of time outside. They help keep your cat safe when they’re roaming around in the dark. We all know that cats can have a tendency to jump out from dark places unexpectedly and if your cat has dark fur they may be difficult to spot on a winters evening. A collar with a reflective strip would ensure that car headlights, home security lights and torches will capture the collars reflection.

Another feature to consider when buying a collar is the fastening. Cat collars fitted with a plastic breakaway safety buckle are designed to snap open if they are tugged with sufficient force. This is really important if your cat was to get stuck somewhere. These buckles are similar to those found on human bags, obviously much smaller but they do not click into a permanently locked position. Safe cat collars of this type are often made from a soft but very strong nylon material. There is no damage to the collar on release and it can be used again if retrieved by the owner.

Finding the right collar for your feline is very important. Their comfort and safety is paramount. Therefore, our suggestion would be to buy a collar which is practical and safe for them in their environment. Rather than one which is just pretty to look at. Obviously if your cat doesn’t go outside at all then you may have a few more options available.