Are you looking to escape for your annual holiday but unsure what to do about pet care? If you would prefer your beloved pets to stay at home whilst you’re away, then you’ll need to call upon a reliable, trusted house sitter for their¬†pet sitting services. Hiring a pet sitter means you can head off on your holiday with complete piece of mind, knowing your pets are in safe hands.

We all know that pets are much happier in their own home, rather than in noisy kennels or a crowded cattery. Our pets feel safest at home where surroundings and smells are familiar, and where food is served in the same spot each day. Pets are often creatures of habit and routine too. This is really important the maintain, especially when you are absent. That’s why finding the right person and pet sitting services for your beloved pet(s) is so important.

What is pet sitting?

Pet sitting is when you hire someone to care for your animals in your home whilst you’re away. There are several key advantages to using a pet sitter, for both you and your pets. One of the biggest advantages for the pets is they can remain in their home, where they are happiest.

Getting to know eachother

It’s really important that all parties involved, including the pets, are comfortable around one another. There needs to be a connection between the sitter, owner and pets in order to establish a good relationship and clear understanding. Meeting each other ahead of the house sit is always a good idea. This allows everyone to meet and become familiar with each other. Some pet owners consider these initial meetings as a vital part of their selection process. It may be suitable to visit the owner at their home and spend some time getting to know their pets. This is also a great opportunity for a potential sitter to better understand the owners expectations and pets needs.

What to expect from a pet sitter

The services a pet sitter provides can be reasonably varied. However, their main role is to ensure that your pets are happy, relaxed and feel comfortable at all times. An ideal sitter will simply slip into the homeowners shoes (obviously not literally) and ensure the day to day care of any pets is kept the same. From daily walks and feeding times, to play time and evening cuddles.

Pet owners can expect their chosen sitter to be bonded and insured. This will add extra piece of mind for everyone involved and can be checked when you meet. Pet sitting services can also include administering medication, light alternation in your home and mail collection as well as putting out the weekly garbage.

Of course, it goes without saying that any pet sitting services would include feeding your pets and ensuring they have fresh water available at all times. Sitters are expected to offer plenty of love, affection and playtime during your absence too. Understanding what each pet loves and dislikes is important too. This is something which is best learnt during a meet and greet in advance. Sitters can also be expected to brush and groom your pet too. This is also something an owner can advise on when you meet. Some pets may need daily grooming, whereas others may require little to no attention.

Dog walking

Whether you have a small or large breed dog, 99% of them will always require their daily walks. Exercise ensures that your dog maintains good health, burns off any extra energy and keeps mentally stimulated. Whether it’s a 15 minutes walk around the block or a 5 mile walk through the woods. Maintaining the same level of exercise each day is important for your dog and something you can expect a pet sitter to continue whilst you’re away. Pet sitting services will always include dog walking. It’s important, however, that the owner outlines their expectations for dog walking at an early stage so that any potential sitter can take this into consideration.

When you meet a sitter for the first time you may wish to show them your usual dog walking route. Why not take them for a walk with your pooch so they can better understand how your dog behaves when out and also to ensure they keep to the same route. It’s also a good opportunity to see how the sitter handles your dog when out walking, which may have an influence on your final decision.

Pet sitting costs

Ensuring the happiness of your beloved pets is essentially priceless. However, in reality everything has a price and using pet sitting services is no exception. It’s important to understand that every pet is unique and their needs are all different. Some pets require very little attention and care, whereas others may need around the clock assistance. Therefore, the cost of a pet sitter will vary.

Whether you require someone to stay with your pet 24/7, or just call in at meal times will make a big difference to the overall price. As a guide you can expect to pay from $15 for an ad-hoc 30 minute visit, to $115+ per 24 hour home stay period. Independent pet sitters will set their own rate and this may vary depending where you live. This is certainly something you can discuss prior to meeting, either over the phone or via email.


There is no doubt that pets are much happier and less stressed when looked after in their own home. When you’re away from home it’s more important than ever to ensure your pets are cared for in familiar surroundings, where they feel safe. That’s why hiring a pet sitter is the best option for both you and your pets. Over time you will will build a good relationship with your sitter too. Many pet sitters return to the same customers again and again. Pets are quickly very comfortable with the same person caring for them whilst you’re away. This in turn will give you complete piece of mind and your pet will be happy and safe at home.

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