With a little bit of imagination and extra creative flare, it’s possible to completely change the look of your home without even picking up a paint brush. You may think it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Decorating doesn’t have to involve paint, nor does it have to be expensive. A room in your home can be transformed simply by moving around existing furniture and adding new lighting options as well as a few extra colourful accessories. Decorating with furniture is easy. All you need is a little imagination and possibly some advice from those in the know!

Re-position your furniture

The most obvious way to make changes to your room is to alter the layout. By simply moving your large pieces of furniture you’ll create a whole different feel to the room. Why not tackle two jobs at the same time too and give the space a good spring clean as you go.

Create a new centre piece

Add a new seasonal centre piece to your dining table or coffee table. This could be a bunch of flowers, a bowl of fruit or new ornament. By changing this every season you’ll never get bored again.

Seasonal soft furnishings

New cushion covers and a soft sofa throw are just a couple of items you could change in your sitting room. In the kitchen you could purchase some new tea-towels and oven gloves, which match with a bunch of freshly cut flowers you have on display in the room. Subtle but effective.

Introduce an accent colour

One step further would be to introduce an accent colour into a space. ‘Splashes’ and ‘pops’ of a particular colour throughout a room is a very clever way to attract the eye. This can easily be changed every season too.


Finally, to complete your newly refreshed home, buy a reed diffuser (or two) and place them in a discrete location around the room. They smell absolutely divine and create a wonderful homely feel which any visitor will love.