Lots of people ask me, “how do you manage to continuously live out of a suitcase whilst house sitting? Where are all your personal belongings?” and I answer, “It’s easy when you know how – I don’t have much!”

If you’ve chosen, like me, to live your life around house sitting you’ve probably already come to terms with the fact you need to pack a little lighter these days. Gone are the days when you use to head off on your annual holiday with just about everything, plus the kitchen sink! Seasoned house sitters are especially good at packing only the real must-have essentials. We find it easy to do away with all the extra materialistic items we are all guilty of accumulating at home over the years. I’ve yet to come in contact with a house sitter who requires an interstate moving company to ship all their personal belongings from one sit to the next! However I’m sure there are one or two of them out there! With practise you’ll quickly work out what you actually need on a day to day basis, what you may be able to borrow from a homeowner and what is just useless stuff.

Of course, what you pack may depend on how long you are planning to house sit for. Naturally, a 3 month sit abroad may require a few extra items compared with a 1 week sit in your neighbouring town. Baring this in mind, I have made a short list of the essential items I think any sitter should pack, no matter the length.

Essential Items To Pack

  • Toothbrush & wash items
  • Suitable clothes for the sit
  • Wellies/walking shoes (if dog walking is expected)
  • Slippers (they make all the difference in winter)
  • Laptop, I-phone etc plus chargers

Homeowners are normally very accommodating when it comes to catering for a sitter. Every sit is different of course, but generally you can expect the homeowner to provide bath towels, bedding, possibly a hairdryer and some food in the fridge. Homeowners will obviously supply all the pet food required for the duration of the sit too.

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