North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is said to be preparing another ballistic missile test.

This has sparked fears of World War 3 breaking out if the North Korean leader decides to put his missiles into effect – especially given his conflict with US President Donald Trump.

In an event of war, some are forced to move to different countries to avoid getting caught up in the action.

The map below shows the safest countries to go to, according to the Global Peace Index. 


Canada ranks 8 out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index 2017.

It maintained the same spot on the list from last year, with a score of 1.1 out of 5 for domestic and international conflict (the lower the better, in this case). 

world war three safe

World War Three: the safest countries to hide out in if it happened

Czech Republic has an impressive ranking of six on the Global Peace Index.


While Denmark might suffer in a European conflict because of its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation status, it contains the remote, non politically aligned region of Greenland. 


Geographically, Iceland shares no bother with any of the world’s countries, meaning its location could help keep it out of the action during a world war crisis.

Coupled with its global peace index score of 1, Iceland’s location and historic peace is why it is one of the safest prospective countries in the event of WW3.


Coming in at tenth place, Japan just manages to sneak into the Global Peace Index 2017’s top 10 most peaceful countries. 

For the factors of militarisation, society & security and domestic & internal conflict, Japan is scored 1.4 out of 5.

However, after North Korea launched test missiles over the country earlier this year, it is likely it may drop in rank.

safest places map world war threeExpress

Map: Where to go if World War Three broke out

Slovenia political neutral world war threeGetty

Slovenia: Politically neutral, Slovenia is unlikely to get drawn into foreign conflict

Czech Republic

Unlike an increasing number of European countries, Czech Republic has no recent history of terrorism.

It has an impressive ranking of six on the Global Peace Index.


Austria ranks 4th out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index. 

Its conflict, militarisation and society & security scores are all below 1.5 out of 5. 


Slovenia remained neutral through both World War I and World War II, so is not entangled in any historic conflict.

It is also growing its thermal, solar and hydroelectric power sources, meaning it would not rely on energy from abroad during an international crisis.

New Zealand safe world war threeGetty

New Zealand: This self sufficient country would be an ideal spot to hide out

New Zealand

Like Slovenia, self sufficient New Zealand would also be able to cope if cut off from energy resources such as oil, coal and food imports, as it gets over 50 per cent of its electricity from hydro-electric power and has a fertile landscape for growing crops.

It also holds a secluded location, keeping it far from the action were a world war to break out.


This country ranks third out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index.

Portugal also has a stable democracy, under António Costa.

It was officially neutral during World War II, and has kept out of foreign conflicts.


Known for its neutrality during World War II, Switzerland is protected from bordering countries Germany, France and Italy by the mountains that surround it. 

It is in the top 10 ranking of the Global Peace Index Score, coming in ninth place. 

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