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An increasing variety of people are finding the secret to living rent free – even in the most pricey and upmarket of places around the globe – it’s still possible. If you feel that you have the qualities laid out below then you would make the ideal house sitter and could enjoy living rent free in a some of the most stunning locations worldwide.

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Trustworthy – Of course this is the essential quality a house owner will be trying to find and being able to show you are credible will assist to guarantee that a property owner selects you to look after their home. If you have a truthful, open and friendly nature then home sitting will be perfect for you.

Versatile – To make a terrific home caretaker you need to have the ability to adjust to a new circumstance rapidly and quickly.

Resourceful – Just like being a house owner yourself, often things need sorting and action to be taken quickly, so being resourceful is a crucial quality.

Considerate – You need to respect precisely how somebody desires their house took care of and, if they have family pets, how they like their pets cared for too. It’s a mutual plan in between the homeowner and house caretaker – as no money typically passes hands between the two celebrations, there is an equal level of regard.

Family Pet Lover – As a lot of home sitting projects include taking care of animals, you have to have the ability to enjoy and look after the family pets simply as much as their owners do. House and pet caretakers are in terrific need in cities like London, Sydney and New York – implying it is possible to live totally rent free in some of the most expensive cities worldwide. Or, if you would choose to save money on lease while living in a rural area, home and family pet owners are trying to find sitters across Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

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Visit where you will find house sitting assignments all over the world. It’s quick and easy to register – so get started today!

Join and create a profile page – This is your resume so it’s a good idea to include lots of information about who you are in there. Add photos and references (these can be character refs). Include information to demonstrate that you have the top 5 qualities needed to be a house sitter. You can edit and build on your profile at any time too.

Apply for house sitting assignments – All registered members with can view the latest house siting opportunities 24 hours before non members, and will receive real time alerts when new assignments are added – giving you a great head start in contacting the homeowner to apply.

Thousands of house sitters are living rent free around the world right now – So, if you want to start living rent free to save for your own home, experience living in different areas or wish to travel long term on a budget start your house sitting adventure today.

Still need more information before getting started as a house or pet sitter? Then visit our house sitting guides category – where you’ll find plenty more useful information.

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