Painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. It needs to be done professionally so that it looks and feel good. A beautiful kitchen inspires good and happy feelings and adds value. Most of the home makers spend lots of time in the kitchen to prepare food for their family.

When a friend or a colleague comes to the home they often have a look at the house and if the kitchen is well maintained they are highly impressed. Painting a kitchen cabinet is a very tough job. A normal painting contractor would not be able to do justice in painting a kitchen cabinet. It takes years of experience in this niche to provide a professional look for the kitchen cabinets. Only a trained person who has done more than 50 or above kitchen cabinet paintings would be the right tradesmen to do that task. A true professional is what you need to look for rather than a normal painter for your kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen is a place where lots of smoke, moisture, heat etc are always generated while cooking. It’s a place where things wear and tear very quickly. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most commonly used furniture’s in the kitchen. As all the food stuff is stored in these cabinets it’s opened and closed many a times a day and the chances of having a scratch and bumps are more in it. Most of the professional painters first remove the shelves and then start painting the cabinets. Once the inner cabinet and outer parts are painted then the shelves are restored.

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets depends on various factors. Also there are low quality and high quality paints available in the market and the quote depends on the paint brand you choose. If there are some cracks and broken pieces in the cabinet then they would be replaced by a similar one. The cabinets are usually painted with airless sprayers. The paints dry quickly and give a smooth finish. It takes at least 2-3 days to complete the kitchen cabinet painting process unless it is a huge kitchen.

Many people don’t like to compromise on quality when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting. When some cabinets are broken most of the home owners think of replacing the whole cabinet with new ones but the cost would be pretty high, instead the kitchen cabinet could be repaired and painted at a very low cost with the best branded paints available in the market.

If you plan to paint your kitchen cabinets then please do not do so as you would end up paying double the cost as you would need to hire a professional painter later. There are lots of steps involved in painting a kitchen cabinet and an amateur would just waste the time and money on it. Some steps like sanding, applying primer, painting etc are difficult tasks which need lot of attention and only a professional painter can do it properly. Sanding and painting is not only a tedious job but there are many health related problems that can arise while doing it. Many people get allergies while painting and applying primer. Only professionals who do this job day in and out can work on it as they are used to it.

Guest post by Paul Woods