Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap launched in 2016. This site specialises in connecting vegans and vegetarians for house sits and house swaps around the world and is the only website of its kind. It is operated by long-term vegans who understand how important it is for ethical vegans and vegetarians to know that their companion animals are well cared for, and that their kitchen is not used to prepare animal-based foods.

People needing a house sitter can choose to connect just with vegans, just with vegetarians, or with either. When you create your listing you can detail what you need from a potential house sitter.

The word ‘pet’ is not one you will find on this website. At Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap non-human animals are termed ‘companion animals’ in recognition of their place in the household, and their nature as ‘kindred spirits’. Companion animal care is a key reason that people engage house sitters. These companions are much happier staying in their own home while their human family is away. House sitters can list their experience caring for the needs of a range of companion animals.

Browse house sitter listings by where sitters want to house sit. Read about individual sitters in their detailed profile. Once registered as a member you can make contact with your chosen sitters via the private messaging service.

House sitters provide their services for free and enjoy the financial and travel benefits of house sitting. They also experience and enjoy the company of companion animals at the property they are sitting.

Guides to writing a great listing, and step-by-step guides to the process for each type of membership, are all provided on the site.

Both house sits and house swaps can be arranged on this one website. House swapping is another way to have a great value holiday.

An added benefit is the ability to form friendships with like-minded people from different parts of your country, or the world. You can also get tips from home-owners on where to find your favourite vegan foods close to your house sit or swap.

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