Remember the classic family movie Home Alone? And how the bandits staked out neighborhoods in search of homes whose families would be leaving for vacation? Fiction aside, the majority of burglaries actually do occur while no one is home – an attempt by the burglars to avoid any sort of armed conflict. When you next plan a vacation, keep your home safe by following a few simple precautionary measures.

The most obvious way to protect your home is to invest in some sort of alarm system. Set aside an afternoon for the install and cough up the extra bucks each month. It is truly worth it. Imagine how much better you will be able to relax knowing that your property is protected.

Already have a home alarm system? Make sure that the “secured” sign is prominently placed in the yard or that a “secured” sticker is on the door. This could prevent the burglar from entering, since it would be easier to break into an unsecured home.

Pay Someone To House Sit

If you decide against the home alarm, another way to keep your home safe is to pay someone to house sit. A house sitter is someone that you trust enough to allow him or her to live in your home while you are gone. The idea here is that someone is “home.” A house sitter could be a relative or even an older teenager from the neighborhood. As long as there appears to be activity in the house, there is a lesser chance of burglary.

House sitting fees should not dramatically affect your vacation budget. Not to mention that a relative is probably more than willing to cut a family discount. Remember, you are offering this person free reign of your home – a place to sleep, free TV and movies, and food. It’s almost like a vacation for the house sitter. Try to negotiate a rate that is affordable to you and fair to the sitter. Another tip is to offer to house sit for your house sitter in the future when he or she goes on vacation.

The Other Benefits

The other benefit of hiring a house sitter is that you will simultaneously have a pet sitter. If you happen to have animals, it’s not asking too much for the house sitter to look after the pets. Simply buy the food and leave any necessary instructions.

Perhaps you have a vacation home that you only use sporadically. Whether or not you have a home alarm system installed, you should always have a trusted neighbor keeping an eye on your property, if possible. Having a system installed should not make you feel 100 percent comfortable. For example, if the power goes out, the system may need resetting before it can get back to protecting your home. Things can always go wrong. Better to be safe than sorry.

At the end of the day, most people would agree that spending the extra money on a house sitter is worth lowering the risk of burglary, given that a burglary would result in the loss of valuable or invaluable personal possessions.

Source by Oswald Melman

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