Nowadays, everyone is talking about investing in a wood burning stove because they are the best way to keep warm. People also like them because they look awesome; it improves the overall look of your room considerably. Plus it is great on your wallet and is friendly towards the environment.

The high cost of energy is one of the reasons why people are looking at wood burning stoves as an option. The carbon footprint of wood burning stoves is considerably less thereby helping the environment. Another reason is the aesthetic beauty that a wood burning stove brings to the room. Latest technology has ensured that you can watch the flames in all its glory from any angle in your room.

There are many types of wood burning stoves in the market. They are all available in many different shapes. They also cater to all sizes. The most prevalent and most liked is the cast iron stove as it has a wonderful appeal. Wood burners are also available in many colours, so you need not worry about colours not matching the look of your room.

Boiler powered central heating systems may seem great but they are actually energy guzzling machines. Whereas a wood burning stove will be very cheap as the average cost of wood is considerably cheaper. Another advantage of wood burners is that it will increase the value of your property. This was found by a study and they estimated that a wood burning stove can add more than 5% to the present value of your property, which is very good.

Another reason to buy a wood burning stove is due to its efficiency. The wood stove burns at more than 70% efficiency ensuring you get the necessary heat. However, the right amount of heat for your room would depend on the layout, i.e., the size of the room. If you get a big size wood burning stove for your room, it may become too hot and if you get a small stove you may not get the necessary heat, hence you need to ask the dealer to provide you with the right size stove for your room. The right size stove will be efficient and also save you money in the long run.

The technology used in the modern wood stove is very good as it decreases residue, you get cleaner air and the thermal efficiency is also great. Also you should burn hardwood rather than softwood for maximum efficiency. Hardwood burns slower than softwood and also has less moisture which in turn means less smoke emissions.

When you buy a wood stove ensure that a qualified engineer is at hand to install it. Once installed ensure that the wood burning stove is well maintained. Keep the glass clean. Get the chimney cleaned regularly etc. A well maintained wood burning stove will last for years together; in fact you can call it a purchase for a lifetime, so buy one keeping the above points in mind.

Guest post by Paul Woods.

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