Everyone feels lonely at one time or another. And it can be hard to make new friends if you’re constantly moving from one house sit to the next. The friends and acquaintances we do already have may be so busy and preoccupied that fitting in a chat up with them is difficult. It is possible, however, to overcome loneliness whilst house sitting if you’re willing to put in a little effort.

What’s a person to do?

Well, if you find yourself sitting at home – alone – and feeling sorry for yourself, simply try a few of these tricks to overcome loneliness whilst house sitting and make new friends.

A Few Sure-Fire Techniques

1. Keep up any current relationships, by email, social media, phone etc. Even if it’s just a quick 5 min chat or short message. Stay in touch with your friends and associates. Offer to meet them for coffee or tea when you’re next in the area.

2. Use your hobbies and interests as a springboard for meeting new people. Join a book reading group, gardening club or sign up for an exercise class. Homeowners are always more than happy to tell you where the nearest leisure centre or social club is in the area. A lot of classes are drop-in pay-as-you-go for convenience too.

3. Volunteer your time. No matter where you are house sitting, there is probably an animal shelter that needs volunteers to help care for the homeless pets. This would no only allow you to meet new people and overcome loneliness whilst house sitting, it would also look great on your sitter profile.

4. Take the homeowners dog to obedience class (if they’re happy for you to do this of course). You’ll meet other dog owners and you can participate in fun meets and obedience trials. Note: Avoid using your pet as a substitute for human companionship. But a happy, healthy dog can introduce you to new friends!

5. Go to your house of worship and get involved. There will be programs you can participate in and people to meet, classes to join and special services to attend. You’ll find caring people who can help you to make new friends and connections. Reach out in kindness to other lonely people in the religious community. Your loneliness will subside!

6. Meet the neighbours. It’s always good practice when house sitting to meet the homeowners neighbours. Even if it’s just to say hi and introduce yourself.

7. Particularly if you’re house sitting in a village, visit the local coffee shop and join in the conversations, when the opportunity presents itself. Some cafes and restaurants are dog-friendly too. Taking a four legged friend with you is sure to get you some attention, which naturally progresses into conversations with like minded others.

Get to know the employees and customers, and let them get to know you. Stop in on a regular basis, and soon you’ll have a home away from home, where you can always be a part of a good social setting.  Be gregarious, even if you are shy. All you have to do is ask someone what kind of interesting drink they have, or talk about the news or weather. Engage in conversations — they are loneliness busters!

8. Read the local newspaper. You’ll feel more part of the world by keeping up with current events. And there are always stories about local groups and organizations which may be of interest to you, and offer you an opportunity to meet people.

9. Participate in chat rooms and blogs on subjects of your interest, and keep up with others on the Internet. But beware not to overdo it. Nothing replaces real live friends with whom you can interact in person!

10. Avoid being a stranger. There are people out there who want and need to know you, but you have to look for them! Friendships can start from simply opening the door for a stranger or asking a fellow dog walker for directions.

Go out of your way to introduce yourself to others and show an interest in them. Wherever you go, take your best (and most outgoing) personality along with you . . . and use it to interact with people. Research says that outgoing people are less lonely than others.

The Power Of Good Deeds

Good deeds always come back to us in surprising ways. They open doors for us in their own good time. As you open your arms to others, you’ll develop a kinship with many people. Soon you’ll feel less lonely. And you’ll be a part of others’ lives in a most significant and important way. Go where you are needed, serve others, find creative ways to give your love, help someone in need, make someone’s day, and make something good happen . . . you won’t be so lonely!


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