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Here we look at how to make your hallway homely and some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to do so. As soon as you enter somebody’s home, you immediately make a judgement on the welcoming aesthetic of their decor. You may not even realise you’re doing it, but often when you walk into a building you feel a positive or negative presence, a warm or chilling feeling – you either feel welcome or unwelcome. For example, walking into a hospital, it feels extremely clinical and often a little cold – everything is whitewashed and clean, but not very comforting. It’s the same with your house; the moment that you step through that front door, you get a sense for the place you are about to enter – and you always want it to be a positive and welcoming environment.

Very often we neglect the spaces in our homes that we don’t spend a lot of time in. A lot of effort generally goes into the appearance and feel of a living area or kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, because they’re the most used rooms in the house. But what about the connecting spaces that you use every single day, such as a landing, the stairs or the hallway? Your hallway is after all, that pinnacle first environment that your guests will experience when they visit your humble abode.

I’m here today to talk to you about how to make your hallway homely, get that cosy, lovely feeling in your hallway and how to make an impact upon entrance just by using furniture.

homely hallway furniture guide


I’ve seen some great ideas on how to incorporate bookcases into hallway spaces – whether it’s a solid wood bookcase against the wall or a little reading cover hidden under the stairs. Bringing literature into your home is symbolic of intelligence, cultural awareness and often is a brilliant conversation starter! If you don’t have room for a bulky shelving unit then look into getting some prints for your walls encompassing your favourite poems or quotes. A lot of stores on Etsy have people using their typography skills on card or wood so that you can hang your chosen words up in your home.

Wall decals are quite a cheap and decorative way to add literature onto your walls if you’re on a budget – or if you’re creative yourself, get some paint and start scrawling your own typography!

hallway artwork


Nothing says home like a bit of artwork. Whether it’s family portraits, photographs of the dog or a Picasso print, adding colour and visuals to your hallway will make it feel comfortably lived in and looked after. A plain hallway suggests neglect; even in a minimalist home you want something for your guests to engage or interact with.

rustic furniture

Rustic Furniture

Furniture company Eat Sleep Live create rustic furniture that is ideal for bringing positive energy into your home! Recycling old timber found in historical buildings in the UK and transforming it into beautiful furniture is their speciality, and though their pieces are investments, they’re investments for life. Their enchanting collection includes reclaimed coffee tables, shelving units, chest of drawers, bookcases and cabinets that would all fit nicely into a hallway setting.

hallway mirrors


Mirrors instantly add light to a space – perhaps the only natural light in your hallway comes from the door – so in order to keep the area feeling spacious, light and airy, add a large long mirror that scales the upper wall in order to reflect the light. Mirrors are also quite comforting to those who become concerned with their appearance, so of course this is also a good vanity point. When entering the house from the outdoors or leaving to go and meet someone, it can raise concern over one’s appearance and so this is usually a good spot to let them have a glance!

Post and images courtesy of Eat Sleep Live.

Do you agree with our guide on how to make your hallway homely? What have you done in your home to achieve a homely feel? Do you have any other top tips? Leave your comments below!

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