Here we look at how to get house sitting jobs in another country and what house sitting is. House sitting is taking up residence in someone else’s house while they go on vacation, or have to leave their home for an extended period. As a house sitter, you will get the accommodation for free, but will need to carry out some duties in return for the free accommodation. Mostly it’s looking after pets and the garden and sometimes you will have to pay the utility bills while they are away.

This is an inexpensive way to see the globe and it can be for anyone. However, house sitting tends to suit some groups of people more than others. If you are a student, a university scholar on sabbatical or a retired couple you may find that house-sitting is the job for you and there are many positions available for you to take up. As a house sitter you will be able to spend an extended period of time in one location and really immerse yourself in the local culture.

Finding a house sitting job is like finding any accommodation on your travels – you need to research. There are a number of web sites that you can register with to look at their lists of house sitting jobs. For most of them, you will need to pay a fee (usually under £50) to have access to their lists. If you work for a university or school they may have their own list of house sitting positions for visiting scholars.

house sitting abroad

If you think you would like to take a job as a house sitter in a foreign country you’ll need to find out some things before you go;

1. Can you get references regarding the people you are house sitting for? There may be some on the Internet site where you found them, especially if they have used house sitters before. You will probably also need to provide your own references from family and friends about your ability to look after someone else’s home.

2. Is the house situated near the city or is it in the country? Will you be close to public transport to get around? If not, do you have access to their car and is it insured for you to use?

3. What sort of services are near the house? Are there theatres, libraries, tourist attractions, gymnasiums or other recreational facilities nearby?

4. Are you allowed to entertain guests in the house?

5. Will you have to pay any utility bills while you are there?

6. Will you have access to the telephone, television and Internet?

7. What are the specific needs of any pets that you will be caring for? Get details on eating, exercise and sleeping patterns.

8. How much care will the garden need?

9. Can the house owner leave you emergency numbers of neighbours, police, ambulance and service people for you?

10. How can you get in touch with the owners while they are away?

Getting a job as a house sitter is a responsible task. Look after their home and property as you would your own. If you do a good job you may be asked back again and what a great way to travel and see the world for free!

Guest post by Stuart S. Travel.

Do you travel out of your country to house sit? How do you source house sitting jobs in other countries? Leave your comments below.