Pet sitting can be a really rewarding and profitable way of making an income. Many people now run their own pet sitting businesses. It’s now a very popular niche so knowing how to be a great pet sitter will help you to get all the pet sitting jobs you could ever want – and to stand out from the growing crowd. You will be accountable for caring for the pet while the owner is away, either for the day or for longer periods of time. As a pet sitter, you will have fun with the pet, feed them, brush them, and give them any medications or injections they might need. The pet’s owner ought to feel they are leaving their animal in great hands with you. So it’s very important that you have all the qualities to be a great pet sitter.

Below are our 5 top tips on how to be a great pet sitter:

finding pet sitting jobs

Choosing the Right Pet Sitting Assignment

The very first thing point in knowing how to be a great pet sitter is to ensure the position is actually right for you. Being a pet sitter is a satisfying but difficult experience. Before taking on a task, make sure you have the experience required to stand out from other pet sitters. A love of animals is possibly the most crucial credentials a pet sitter can have. As you’ll be spending the bulk of your time with your customer’s animals, make certain you really enjoy animal company. Low stress is another preferable quality in a pet sitter. Your schedule will likely be subject to alter as it depends heavily on the schedules of your customers. You have to be the type pf person that’s versatile and calm concerning sudden changes. Self inspiration is likewise a desirable quality for pet sitters. You’ll have to manage your schedule around several clients and track the requirements of a variety of felines, canines, and other family pets. Trusted House Sitters is a great platform for finding the right pet sitting jobs for you!

contacting pet owners

Contact with the Pet Owner

Offer referrals and references from your past pet sitting jobs. Offer phone numbers and contact details for owners you have pet sit for in the past. This will reveal to the owner you have experience as a pet sitter and are positive in your ability to take care of somebody else’s pet.

Talk about expectations and requirements. The pet’s owner will have a variety of expectations of you, the pet sitter, based around their animal’s particular needs. Make sure all expectations are clearly mentioned and understood.

Get all essential contact information. Certain info is important in the event of an emergency or medical issue.

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Follow the Schedule

Follow the schedule the owner supplied to you. The owner likely left you both written and spoken guidelines for pet care and maintenance. Feed the pet at the correct time and give them the correct amount of food. Cat owners in some cases let their cats have open access to dry food throughout the day. If this is the case, make certain to fill food bowls when they’re running low and ensure tidy water is supplied.

Provide the pet any medications they require. Family pets who are on medications normally need to adhere to a routine schedule and dosage. Follow the owner’s directions on how to provide the pet her medication and always remember or neglect the pet’s medication. Clean litter boxes regularly and let pet dog’s out as many times a day as the owner advises.

go the extra mile when pet sitting

Go the Extra Mile

Do some other helpful tasks in addition to the actual caring of the pet. If you want to stand out from other pet sitters, doing some additional jobs for the owner can be a great method to show your commitment.
Do some standard maintenance for the pet owner’s home, if you are pet sitting at their home. Water the plants, tidy the garden, gather the mail, wash the car, keep the home clean. Our advice though is not to go moving things around or making big changes, such as painting a room for example. You can always ask the home owner before they leave if there any jobs they would like you to do for them.

affection to dogs

Pet Care

Provide the pet extra attention. A huge part of your role as a pet sitter is to keep the pet safe and comfy while the owner is away. The pet is likely nervous without their owner present so show them extra affection and attention daily. If the pet has a favorite toy, play with them often. It’s enjoyable for both the pet and you to have fun. This is a good idea if you are looking at going out for a few hours as they’ll be tired when you leave and most likely to sleep and unwind till you return.

After you satisfy responsibilities like cleansing and feeding, sit with the pet and show them love by means of rubbing, snuggling, and talking. Animals, felines – dogs especially, are extremely social and crave human interaction when their owners are missing.

Take care about giving too much outside food and treats. The owner might have the pet on a specific diet plan and you do not want to disrupt that while away. Never ever offer an animal table scraps without the owner’s permission.

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Your Thoughts

We hope you find these top 5 tips on how to be a great pet sitter useful. Are you already a pet sitter? Do you go the extra mile when pet sitting? Are you new to pet sitting? Do you pet sit for profit? Leave your tips, advice and comments below!

Guest post and images by Tracy Harlock.

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