Housesitting is the practice where a homeowner that is leaving his house for any period of time entrusts it to a house sitter. There is a mutual agreement where the house sitter is entitled to live rent-free in exchange for assuming household responsibilities whist housesitting. Sitters are expected to complete duties such as taking care of the homeowners pets, performing general maintenance (pools, gardens, air conditioning, etc.) as well as keeping trespassers off the property. In general, sitters help ensure that everything runs smoothly just as if the owner were at home.

The agreement is open to negotiation as to whether a security deposit is required, who is to pay the utilities and what is the responsibility of the house sitter during the period of sitting. It is the decision of the homeowner as to which house sitter to choose, and it is his / her responsibility to qualify or interview any house sitter. The most important qualification of the house sitter is his / her trustworthiness and relativity in the eyes of the homeowner; each candidate must provide good references. Thanks to a number of online house sitting networks available today, finding a sitter is as easy as calling iFurniture Assembly NYC for a helping hand piecing together your furniture.

The benefits to the homeowner are numerous such as avoiding fees for kennels, gardeners, pool service and so much more. There are many advantages of having sitter rather that leaving your house empty. Whether you are planning a two week vacation, a trip for three months or a whole year sabbatical, there is always the question in the back of your mind: Who is taking care of my home? Ask a trusted house sitter to look after your beloved pets and you’ll never need to spend another minute worrying again.

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