I have been a visitor from Vancouver for many years. I would rent an apartment for a few weeks every year near Los Muertos beach while taking a well-deserved break from teaching. Last November while hanging out on the playa with Jeff and Cindy from Ohio, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Jeff and Cindy arrived in PV for the first time, like many, on a cruise ship, 9 years ago. They returned the next year and purchased 4 weeks in a time-share, which they used every year until they retired 2 years ago, and purchased their dream vacation house in Conchas Chinas. They stayed in their house for 6 months and returned to Canada for the summer.

When returning the following high season they found that their house was a mess. There was rain damage and all of their plants had died. Evidently their friendly neighbor did not pay as much attention to the house as promised. Some of the utility bills were unpaid as well. Needless to say this situation ruined their homecoming. It was then that they decided to find a house sitter, as they had done with their cottage by the lake in B.C in the past.

When they brought up the subject to me while sipping a margarita on the beach, I immediately imagined living in their wonderful home while working on my dissertation for my PhD. It wasn’t long before we came to an agreement as to what they expected of me (pay the bills, maintain their home as if they were there, take care of repairs, etc.) When they left PV in the spring, I moved in.

Imagine living in a wonderful house near the beach. I enjoyed the peace and luxury of their home and finished my work.

They were so pleased when they returned that they asked me if I could stay again this year…Hmmmmm…

There are many advantages to having a sitter rather than leaving your house empty. Whether you are planning a two week vacation, a trip for three months or a whole year sabbatical, there is always the question in the back of your mind: Who will take care of my home? Why house sit? Save money, live rent-free!

Post by Bea Bigle.

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