Become part of a new and constantly growing community – join the world of house sitting. It is becoming more and more popular for home owners to ask house sitters to look after their home and pets while they are away, instead of paying for boarding facilities.

House sitting is when a home owner, or landlord, leave their home and/or pets for a period of time and entrust them to one or more house sitters. By a mutual agreement, the home owner allows the house sitter to live in their property rent free in exchange for assuming certain responsibilities. In their absence, home owners can ask house sitters to care for their pets, perform general maintenance around the home and garden, help keep trespassers off the property, collect mail, and in general, help make sure everything runs smoothly while they’re away.

Anyone can become a house sitter; people who are single, married, have a partner – even young families. A house sitter may be retired, have a full/part time job, or work for themselves. Whether someone is a suitable sitter comes down to their previous experiences, their personality and whether the home owner believes them to be the best person for the assignment.

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