Hotel room kettles should be avoided due to this disgusting reason

Hotel rooms hide all sort of secrets, from when the bedding was last washed to who last used the bathroom.

Even high-end hotels don’t keep the rooms as clean as guests may think, with items such as the bedspreads and glasses rarely getting cleaned.

However one of the more popular items in the room has also come under fire for not being the cleanest thing to use.

It may make tired guests rethink their next cup of tea.

It has recently emerged that some people staying in a hotel use the kettle to wash their dirty underwear, by boiling them within it to sterilise them.

Australian site Gizmodo found one man, Guy Blomberg asking the question on Twitter: “Real question: does anyone I know clean their underwear in a kettle when travelling?”

He then went on to explain how a frequent travelling friend of his told him.

Defending his side, he reiterated: “Heard it from a friend of mine, beware travellers. This is a customer service announcement for your safety and happy tea drinking

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Hotel room kettles could have been used to wash dirty underwear from guests

There are simply too many unknowns and hotel kettles are not industrial strength cleaning facilities

Dr Heather Hendrickson

Not only is it a disgusting thing to do, but it isn’t clean for either the person washing their underwear or the people to do it afterwards.

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biosciences Dr Heather Hendrickson spoke to Gizmodo about the repercussions.

She confirmed: “Your friend is unlikely to have a large number of highly heat resistant pathogens in his dirty undergarments but we do not know what he DOES have in there or how sick he might be.

“There are simply too many unknowns and hotel kettles are not industrial strength cleaning facilities.”

Whilst many may hope it is just a disgusting rumour, it will certainly stop some travellers from next using the kettle.

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Kettles may harbour bacteria from dirty underwear put in there by guests

It isn’t the only common hotel item to harbour awful bacteria and stories within.

A hairdryer supplied in a hotel room could also be one of the dirtiest items in the room. 

Microbiologist Charles Gerba tested nine hotels between three and five stars in Los Angeles, US. 

What he found with shock anyone who has used them before.

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