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Help your dog get a great nights sleep with our tips and guide. It isn’t just us humans who struggle to nod off sometimes; stress, late nights, a lack of routine, hunger or simply needing the loo can all prevent a dog from settling too.

Fortunately, if you happen to own a dog that is struggling to get a good night’s sleep (and more than likely preventing you from getting one too if this is the case), there are some things you can try. Here are just three of them.

best dog beds


A dog bed is arguably one of the most important items you will purchase when buying for a new dog or replacing an existing bed. This is exactly why there are literally hundreds of types of dog beds to choose from. Further, to ensure you pick the right bed you will not only need to set an affordable budget but also pick a bed taking into account the size, age, health and breed of your dog. Then, to learn how to shop according to what will suit your pooch and why it matters to, before heading out to the shop, give the guide and tips featured on the D for Dog website a read through.

Meanwhile, for those looking for something extra special and a little bit different, look no further than the Pet Luxury Company. Not only does the Pet Luxury online store sell a wide range or designer, handmade and stylish dog beds, they also sell home furnishing such as cushions in corresponding and matching fabrics and patterns. Hence, to kit out a truly hipster or style conscious pooch with something fit for, well, its owners too, Pet Luxury is the place to turn.

dog sleeping tips


There are some nights in the calendar that even the deepest of sleeping dogs is likely to find nightmarish. Bonfire Night is a perfect example; fireworks are quite simply something many dogs find anxiety inducing and baffling. Meanwhile, many dogs also get restless after a trip to the vets, whilst unwell or when a storm hits or is brooding.

Some owners simply ride these nights out with their pooch and hope that they do not leave any lasting effects on their beloved pet. Others meanwhile swear by giving their dog a little melatonin or even Benadryl to help a nervous dog nod off.

A better idea to ease an anxious dog to sleep though is to use a herbal and natural remedy provided by a reputable pet store as the products they sell are specifically and especially formulated for exactly that; a product such as Woof and Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic for Dogs which can be inexpensively purchased via the Pets at Home store is well worth investing in and keeping in the medicine cabinet for those nights when even the most chilled out of dogs struggles to nod off.

lullabies for dogs


Last but not least, if you have a dog or pup that is a problematic sleeper it is likely that you have already heard and perhaps even exhausted many of the standard pieces of advice offered to owners by vets, friends and fellow dog owners.

So, if exercising your pooch to the point of exhaustion, feeding him (or her) up ahead of bedtime, ensuring they have been let out to do their business before bed and buying an appropriate dog bed haven’t solved the problem, you might want to start thinking outside of the box. And one idea that is definitely outside of the box and might take a bit of an open mind (or just a desperate one) to consider is playing your dog some soothing tunes before bed.

Whilst this might initially sound, well, bonkers, ‘dog tunes’ have become so popular in the past few years that you can now listen to them or play them for your sleepless pooch for free via the Youtube website. Hence, even those with reservations about the effectiveness of doggy lullabies might as well give this rather new age idea a try, after all it will cost you nothing, is easy to implement and might just result in affording you and your pooch a better night’s sleep.

Guest post and images courtesy of: Jonas

What are your thoughts about this information? Have you tried any of the above? Do you have any tips to help your dog get a great nights sleep? Leave your comments below!

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