If you are going on vacation soon, finding the right house sitter is a major concern when worried about leaving your home unoccupied. If you also have pets that need a sitter, it adds to your list of duties someone needs qualifications and experience. You also want to leave your home and possessions in the hands of a trustworthy candidate. Here are a few tips that you need to check before hiring a house sitter so that you have a smoother experience.

What Tasks Is a Sitter Comfortable Doing?

A recent complaint on a message board detailed the issues that arise when a homeowner and a sitter are not on the same page. “I hired a house sitter to care for my home and pet. My dog got stomach issues before leaving and had accidents while we were away. I asked the sitter to clean it, which she agreed to do. However, after reviewing the camera, all she did was turn on a fan and leave the fluids on the carpet. I had another similar experience where I hired a house sitter from an online website and they were actually fantastic and more qualified.”

The homeowner was upset, but these duties were not part of the original agreement, which is problematic for both of the parties involved. If you know your pet is sick, you need to change, in writing, the scope of your contract details that add duties and financial compensation. The homeowner said she was going to give a tip, but the sitter was not told about the bonus, so it left it up in the air about the added sitter duties.


You want to know who you are giving access to your home, which is why references are a critical component to sitter hiring practices. If you are contracting your sitter through a platform like QuiGig, you can look at reliable ratings and reviews. The more you learn about a sitter, the better your chances of finding someone who is compatible with you. You also know what you are looking for and have vital information to help you.

You should also look for references that specifically detail how a sitter dealt with something that went wrong. As the example above noted, a sick dog was unexpected. There is a valid point in not cleaning up pet feces, but the homeowner did not protect her contractual interests by stipulating the need. A bonus clause is a good way around it.

Does a House Sitter Have Experience or Qualifications?

Sitting does not take a university degree, but knowledge and experience will help a candidate who has experience in house sitting because they have gained on-the-job training in dealing with different security and household protection scenarios.

Some sitters may also hold qualifications in security or pet-related fields that further add value. Once you know what you need a sitter for, you will have the information to help in finding the right house sitter who meets your base level experience and qualifications.

For sitters, it is a profession they take seriously and want to repeat for customers. Going with someone who house sits regularly is probably someone who will meet all of your expectations.

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