I think all house sitters will agree with me when I say that finding the perfect house sitting job can be competitive at times. Trying to sell yourself on your profile and ‘big’ yourself up doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. In fact, some of us find it unbelievably hard to do. Yet, in order to secure those perfect house sitting jobs you have to do it. So, whether you like it or not, creating a great profile and writing a personalised application letter to the homeowner is key.

Once you’ve spent the time needed to write a great profile you’ve then got to decide which house sitting platform you wish to use, to make contact with homeowners. A few years ago there wasn’t much choice when it came to choosing a platform. But now, there are lots to choose from. From a distance you may think the various different websites are all much the same – a portfolio of sitters and homeowners – and you would be right. However, if this is going to be a tool you use to plan your future sits it would be well worth finding the right platform for you. Of course, you could always register to join all of them (unless you’re a little more frugal with your cash like I am!)


There are a few different platforms to choose from. Some are more established and have been running longer than others. Some have more house sitting jobs than others, which will obviously make a difference to you, the sitter, looking for that perfect sit. On the flip side, the more house sitting jobs there are, the more sitters there are likely to be. Therefore, more competition.

trusted house sitters

Trusted House Sitters is probably one of the best know house sitting platforms out there at the moment. They’ve been operating for about 5 years now and have a huge amount of house sitters listed from all around the globe. currently have thousands of sits worldwide too. So, if you decide to register as a sitter with them, chances are you’ll find that perfect sit sooner than expected.

house carers website

House Carers are another option for sitters. Although they don’t have as many house sits advertised as other websites, they do have a wide range of sits in different countries. There are also not as many sitters listed on which means less competition for you when applying for any sits.

Mind My House

Another house sitting platform, has grown steadily over the years and currently has more than 6000 sitters listed. have thousands of house sits listed too. The owners are keen to keep their business completely transparent, so all sitters and house sits can be viewed even if you’re not a member. What’s great about this platform is it’s cheap to join. Sitters only pay $20 per year and home owners can list their sit for free!

house sit match

House Sit Match have been up and running for a few years now and have a good client base. An added bonus about this platform is they offer two different registration packages for sitters. As a sitter you have the option to register for their standard package, or premium package. This is ideal for those on a budget or new the house sitting. Whichever option you choose, your profile will be published and you’ll be able to apply for sits. The premium package allows you to create a much more comprehensive profile, which will better assist you with finding the perfect house sitting jobs.


Finding the perfect house sitting jobs is made easy thanks to the many different platforms available. They are the perfect tool to bring together homeowners and house sitters from all around the world. It’s a fantastic concept and one that has grown in popularity in the last few years. If you’re looking to join the house sitting community, your first step is to register with one of these platforms and create a profile. Then, you’re half way to becoming a house sitter and travelling the world for free!