Are you a dog owner in search of a caring and loving dog walker? Or are you someone who loves spending time with dogs but can’t have one of your own? If either of these sound like you, you’ll love Borrow My Doggy.

Borrow My Doggy is a trusted community of more than 600,000 people, made up of dog owners as well as individuals who love walking dogs. The main aim is to bring ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ to both dogs and people. Borrow My Doggy connects dog owners with trusted local people who love to look after their dog. The aim is for borrowers to help out dog owners when they can by taking their dog out for walks so they receive enough exercise and playtime.

There is a benefit for everyone involved with Borrow My Doggy. The owner gets rest bite from the usual routine when they may have other commitments, such as work. The borrower gets a much loved companion to walk and play with on a regular basis.  The dog gets a huge amount of love and attention as well as lots of exercise and fun. It’s a win-win (or woof-woof) for everyone.

Borrow My Doggy is for….

Dog Owners who require an extra helping hand with their pooch. Whether you’re a student, professional, retired or have a family, you can benefit from Borrow My Doggy. Perhaps you have recently gone through a change in your personal circumstance, such as having a baby, starting a new job or moving home. By building up a reliable network of caring borrowers, you’ll be able to get the support you need. Plus, it’s a great way to meet people who live in the local area.

Borrowers who love dogs but sometimes aren’t in a position to have their own. You may be someone who enjoys walking and exercising dogs but having a dog 24/7 just wouldn’t be an option. Some borrowers are not sure on what breed of dog to welcome into their home. Through Borrow My Doggy they are able to spend quality time with lots of different breeds which allows them to test the water. It’s also a great opportunity to see how your kids are around dogs.

How it works

  1. Create your free profile – Sign up and start searching for friendly local dogs or borrowers
  2. Choose a membership – We’ll check your details before you connect with other trusted members.
  3. Meet up – Get to know eachother first and introduce the dog with the borrower
  4. Share the love of dogs – Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to take the lead.

What to know more?

If you think you’ll make an excellent borrower, or need a helping hand with your pooch, don’t delay and join today!