Welcoming a new furry member into the family is always an exciting occasion. Whether you’ve decided to rescue a cat from a shelter, or planning to introduce a kitten into your home. Prior to the new arrival, it’s important to ensure you have all the correct cat products already in place around your home. This will help ensure your new feline feels comfortable and safe in its new surroundings. Our cat products guide offers tips and advice about the different items available on the market today and what we recommend purchasing for your new arrival.


Much like us humans, cats love their sleep. They also like to know that they have a dedicated quiet place where they can curl up an feel safe and cosy, day or night. Having their own bed is really important. It’s also a good idea to have separate pet beds around your home so they are discouraged from using your furniture. There are a huge variety of cat beds on the market today. My advice would be to have at least a couple of different beds to begin with and see which type your puss prefers over time.

Cats love to snuggle. A soft cat bowl style bed would be a good first choice and starting point. This design can be easily relocated around your home and they’re generally suitable for any size cat. If your puss is naturally very inquisitive and likes to see what’s going on around the home, this design is perfect. The high sides ensure comfort, without compromising their 360 degree view.

An alternative, or additional bed option, would be a cat cave. Again, they can be easily relocated anywhere around your home but the bed is covered. A one small opening allows your feline to enter and exit freely whilst blocking out any unwanted noises and light. The cave design means no more unexpected intruders are able to spring a surprise whilst they’re sound asleep. Both cat bed designs are nearly always made from a washable material allowing for easy care and maintenance.

Bowls & Dishes

A cat food bowl or water dish is a staple for any home with cats. Having food and drink readily available for your new pet is obviously very important, especially when they are being first introduced to their new home. You may think that one cat dish is just as good as the next one, but you’d be wrong. There are many different types available and good reasons to choose one kind over another. If you’ve never shopped specifically for a cat dish you might be surprised about all the options that are available. When it comes to cat food and water dishes, they can range from very cheap and basic, to much more pricey and high tech options.

Try to stay clear of plastic dishes and bowls. Bacteria and oils can build up on the material and may cause cat acne. Aim to purchase a dish made from ceramic or stainless steel instead. Generally all cats prefer dishes which are shallow and wide. They don’t like to stick their faces too far into a bowl otherwise they feel uncomfortable. Some cats don’t like their whiskers touching anything whilst they eat, or being able to see all around them whilst eating. A wide, shallow dish will ensure they eat in comfort.

The breed of cat you have should have an impact on they type of food dish you buy. For example, a Persian cat, which has a flat face requires a bowl with a slight elevation and angle. This ensures it has an easier time eating out of the bowl.

Feeding Location

Once you’ve decided on a particular bowl and dish, be mindful of where you locate them. Cats don’t generally like to eat anywhere near where their litter box is located. Find a quiet corner in your home where they are eat whilst keeping an eye on what else is going on in the room. High up on a kitchen work surface is often a good idea if you have a dog too. Also, remember to regularly change their water bowl. Or, even better, consider purchasing a water fountain for your feline.

Toys & Scratchers

Every cat, young and old, needs a box full of toys. I don’t think cats are ever too old to play. Their instinct to catch, hunt, claw and bite are ingrained in them. It’s a natural instinct for them. Therefore, it makes sense to have plenty of toys available to them. Whether it’s a cat wand, Ripple Rug or furry toy mouse to toss around in the air. Some cats are happy simply playing by themselves in a pop up tunnel, or sat trying to get their claws into a slippery ping-pong ball. If you’re not sure what your new addition will love most, I suggest starting with a cat wand which has a few different attachments. I don’t know a cat that doesn’t enjoy playing with a wand!

A scratch post, or block, is also another really important feature to have in your home. It’ll not only save your furniture from being ripped to shreds, but cats need to scratch at something to release tension and maintain their claws. There are a whole range of products available. From large free standing cat trees and posts, to various different perches and towers. Some even double up as a lounging and/or sleeping space for your cat.

Litter Box

Finally, a litter box, especially in the early stages of having a kitten is essential. They may not be the most exciting item to purchase but they are a must-have for any cat owner. Finding the right one for your feline is really important. Litter problems can be a big issue for some cats and there are products that can help with that. There are also some great products that make cleaning litter easier and make for less mess on your floor. Check out our cat products guide for more detailed information about choosing the right litter box for your puss, as all as many other cat products.

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  1. Kristin King

    We’ve encountered Litter Genies at two of our recent house sits, and they are a great tool for containing the smell of scooped litter. The other item we really liked (the cat went ecstatic!) is a Furminator brush (prob not for really long-hair cats, b/c it might pull and hurt).