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Developing a house and pet sit position advertisement should be carefully developed to make sure that you attract a good house sitter to your position.

Experience and a love of animals are great criteria, but detailing some of the duties that are required of a house and pet sitter in your advertisement will give sitters a better understanding of what is expected of them and if they’re up for the job.

With a few simple steps, you could have a stand out house and pet sit advertisement that attracts candidates from across the country. So take the time to think about what type of house sitter you are trying to attract and tailor your position advertisement for that candidate.

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Here we’ve listed the tried and true ways that home and pet owners can develop a cracking house and pet sit advertisement to attract a good house sitter.

Include an image: An image is worth a thousand words and just like owners like to see a photo of the house sitters that they are considering, sitters also like to have visuals of where they will be staying. It could be a photo of your pet, or of the garden, or even a location shot, but an image accompanying your position description will always attract more interest.

Include detail: Some home owners provide only the barest of information about the house and pet sit and the home and location. Take some time to paint a picture for house and pet sitters about the benefits of staying in your home and enjoying all that your community can offer. Including specific details about what is required will also make sure that you receive applications from sitters that know that they can do what is required.

But not too much detail: Advertisements with paragraphs of information can also be a little overwhelming. If there is a lot to cover about your position, try using bullet points and separated paragraphs so the house sitter can easily scan information to see if they are the right fit.

Look at the big picture: Many house and pet sitters do so as a lifestyle choice, so including some detail about the surrounds, accessibility to public transport, walking paths, cycle ways and other recreational activities is always an added bonus for house and pet sitters.

Be flexible: Just like house and pet sitters, home and pet owners should try to be flexible. Providing an option to come and leave a day or two earlier to get used to the home and pets and to give owners a de-brief when they return is a good way of getting to know your sitter and making sure they are right for your position.

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