Do you plan on getting a Bull Terrier as your pet? If that’s the case, then this dog breed will make an excellent pet. However, what do you know about this dog breed? Well, the fun part of owning a dog is knowing certain facts about it, and the Bull Terrier certainly has various interesting facts.

1. Bull Terriers were originally fighting dogs

It is a sad reality that most dog breeds we know today were originally bred to fight their fellow canines and other animals in blood sports. During the 19th century the Bulldog and the English Terrier (now extinct) were bred together to create the first Bull Terriers. The breeders increased the dog’s size crossing the Spanish Pointer dogs with the “bull and terrier” breeds. As a result, the Bull Terrier is a dangerous fighting dog. Eventually, breeders decide to breed them as favorite pets for gentlemen.

2. The dog has a unique shape for its head

This little fact about the Bull Terrier ought to be obvious even at a casual glance. It is true that dogs depending on their breed have different shapes for their head, but the Bull Terrier is unique. The best description of the dog’s head is “egg-shaped, ” and that description is accurate. The dog’s egg-shaped head along with its muscular body and personality makes it a popular pet.

3. The Bull Terrier is a very active pet

Fighting dogs possess lots of stamina to be capable fighters, and as a result of their Bull Terrier descendants also carry their trait. Bull Terriers are physically vigorous hence they enjoy exercises daily, and they can be rambunctious as well. The latter characteristic makes the dogs unsuitable for younger kids, but they will do fine with older children. Bull Terriers require lots of active playtimes, mental stimulation, and companionship with an active household. Otherwise the dog when bored can be destructive.

4. Training is necessary for the dog

You could say the same thing for other dog breeds. However, the Bull Terrier needs some training to rein in or stop its undesirable behaviors. Bull Terriers have aggressive tendencies against other dogs and animals. The dog is strong-willed and may ignore its owner. Socialization training from puppyhood is the best time to train the dog not to get aggressive with other animals. Training and instilling discipline in the dog will prevent it from becoming obstinate. You must be confidence, have firm leadership, patient and consistent when training a Bull Terrier.

5. Caring for the dog is easy

Grooming is a necessary part of taking of a dog. Depending on the type of dog breed grooming can be complicated and time-consuming or easy and manageable. The grooming of a Bull Terrier happens to be the latter. A Bull Terrier’s coat is flat, short and shiny with a hard texture. Because of the nature of the dog’s coat, it only needs brushing once a week. Frequent baths in not necessary unless the dog stinks. Additionally, you can brush the Bull Terrier’s teeth, trim its nails once or twice a month and check its ears for dirt or other problems.

Well, you now know some things about Bull Terriers. If you think that you can handle this dog, then go for it. Find one at a legitimate breeder or adopt from a dog shelter. Once you have your very own Bull Terrier give its lots of love, care, and discipline.

Guest Post By Mark