The question you should really be asking yourself is, “why are you NOT using an auto cleaning litter box?”

For new cat parents, and the old ones who have been living under a rock and submitting to their cat’s peeing habits, an auto cleaning litter box is a magical little thing which relieves you of the dreaded litter scooping chore. There are quite a few available in the market, but my cat loves the Litter Robot III Open Air from Cat Evolution.
Being a proud cat owner from the last 8 years and using multiple cat litter boxes, I am satisfied that auto-cleaning ones are the best. Why so, you ask?

There are a number of reasons that have me convinced.

1. Low Maintenance

Automatic litter boxes are a breeze to maintain, just plug them in and forget about all your kitty pooping chores. Since cats like clean places to defecate in, they don’t relieve themselves in a dirty litter box (just like we don’t like dirty toilets.) Automatic litter boxes scoop the dirty litter after the timer sets of and transfer the clumped soiled litter into another compartment for easy disposal when full. These boxes basically do the cleaning for you and help you in keeping your house clean and tidy, and free from smelly open litter box issues.

2. Suitable for Multiple Cats

Being a mom of 3 cats, something I know for sure is that cats HATE (I can’t stress on this hard enough) sharing litter boxes. When using manual litter boxes, always remember this handy formula – you need as many litter boxes as the number of cats plus one. Since cats mark their territory by spraying on objects, they don’t like when another animal uses their litter space. The astonishing thing about the automatic litter box is that the odor of the cat pee doesn’t linger like it does on the manual ones so cat’s don’t mind sharing their litter box since it doesn’t smell like another cat’s territory. At least my cats share the Robot III Open Air in harmony, so I only have one Robot, not 4 litter boxes.

3. You Save Money on Litter

Keeping pets come with added costs that not all of us are able to cope with. When you scoop litter by hand, chances are you scoop more litter than what is recommended. Litter Robot III uses an advance technology to remove only the soiled litter every time your cat uses it. Since you save litter by no having to throw it all out when you clean the box every week, you ultimately save a good amount of money on buying litter every month.

4. Spacious Litter Chamber

Cats like their privacy, but they don’t like confined spaces that offer no room for personal space. The automatic Litter-Robot has a spacious litter chamber that is loved by even the biggest cat that I own which weighs around 6.5kg. The great thing about this box is that you don’t have to continuously change it like you change a manual box as your cat grows. It is always going to have enough space to be comfortable for your beloved kitty cat.

5. Good for your Health

Did you know you can catch diseases from your cat’s litter? Cat’s fecal and urine content contains fumes which are harmful for your health. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can be passed to humans through the cat litter. Cat litter scooping is especially dangerous if you are pregnant. Just one more reason you want to find a way to make the job as clean, safe, and easy as possible, right? Always make sure to handle the litter carefully to avoid any medical problems.

Guest post by Mohsinaliseo.

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