10 Reasons Why Your Dog is a Perfect Travel Companion

We all deserve a vacation and some quality time away from the chaotic world. Being a pet-parent, you may feel it’s impossible for you to take some time off and travel the world. Of course, you would want to witness the mesmerizing places on your wish list. But you just can’t stand being away from your dog.

If you are a pet-parent facing the same situation, then stop worrying as I have got good news. Travelling with your dog isn’t as difficult as you might think. With the increasing trend of pet-travel, a higher number of places have begun to accommodate dogs. Many airlines allow you to travel with your pup; some even allow pets in the cabin.

One thing to remember is that having a dog alongside on vacation requires organization and patience. You will have to pack a lot of stuff. There are various dog products you will need such as his food, leash, and a fine quality crate for the hotel room. The trip will cost you more than what you’d pay for traveling alone. You will also have to be a very responsible parent in an unknown place. But it’s all worth the effort if you want to have a fantastic time with your furry friend. Here are ten reasons why your pooch is the perfect travel companion:

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Vacationing with your pooch gives you all the benefits of traveling alone while having company. Let’s face it; vacations with other people have their pros and cons. But at times you just want to go out alone without anyone continually interfering. That’s the best part about taking your dog along. They won’t judge your choice of restaurant, or food. Yup, you can order whatever you want. They won’t complain about traffic or your choice of activities. Your pup will pretty much let you do whatever you feel like doing.

Whether you want to keep walking around town all evening or sit at a café while reading a book, your dog won’t complain and will let you relax.


You Will Enjoy the Vacation without Being a Stressed-Out Parent

You can’t possibly enjoy your vacations by leaving your dog back home if you are a parent who gets stressed out. By bringing your pooch along, you will be happy and stress-free. You won’t have to worry about his food, his health if he misses you or stuff like that. Your furry friend would be right beside you, accompanying you in all adventures.

You Can Participate In Adventurous Activities

The best part about having your dog on vacation is that you can take part in many fun activities. If your pup is a swimmer, you can go to the beach and try out water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, etc. If your pooch likes to hike you can check out parks that allow dogs on the trails. When you begin to plan things with your pooch, you’ll come across ideas that you’ve never considered.

You Will Be Secure

Having a dog alongside can make you feel secure in a new destination. Thieves or pocket-pickers try to keep away from people who have dogs as they fear the dog may bark or bite. One more benefit of having a dog is that you wouldn’t have to worry about renting an apartment or living in a hotel room. If any stranger does try to break in, your pup will bark to notify you instantly. You can even doze off at the beach and relax because you have an automatic burglar alarm with you.

Dogs Keep You Active

One of the downsides of vacation is that we let go of our workout schedule and diet. We tend to get lazy and inactive. When you have your furry friend, you would have to make sure he gets sufficient exercise. Your dog needs to burn off the energy to stay fit and relaxed. This will be an excellent way for you to stay active as you will be taking your pooch on walks and playing games with him.

Your Pooch Can Help You Socialize In a New Country

Dogs can help you interact with the locals in a new place. People who love animals tend to bond over conversations about pets, and your pooch can attract a lot of dog lovers. You can visit a local dog park where you can socialize with other dog-parents. People may also come to you to inquire about your dog’s breed, to pat him or to take pictures. Dogs are a great attraction for children too, so you will be getting lots of attention wherever you visit with your pooch.

They Will Always Keep You Company

Owing to our tech-obsessed lives, we often forget to interact with people sitting in the same room. If you need someone to talk to, you may have to drag your sibling, friend, parent or partner away from their phones. With a dog that isn’t the case, your pooch won’t ever let you feel alone.

He will be right there sitting next to you while you sleep or work. Whenever you feel like getting a big warm hug, you can cuddle with your pooch. No matter how far you are, you will always feel the comfort of home when your pup is by your side.

A Vacation Is A Great Way to Strengthen the Bond with Your Pooch

Our dogs love to spend time with us; they crave for our attention. We may end up neglecting our dogs due to our busy schedules. In today’s chaotic world, a vacation is an ideal opportunity to bond with your pooch. You will get to spend quality time without any interruptions or worries. It will also give you a chance to get to know your dog better.

Having a Dog Makes It Easier To Blend In

People who travel with dogs seem like locals that are out on a walk with their pet. Scammers or cons stay away from them as they don’t look like tourists. It is also a fantastic way of interacting with the people and blending in. It makes you seem like someone who belongs to the place and isn’t just stopping by for a few pictures.

It’s Going To Be A Crazy Ride!

If you are traveling with your pooch for the first time, let me tell you that the experience is going to be different from all your previous adventures. Your pup may have unpleasant moments, but there is nothing that a delicious treat can’t fix. It is going to be a unique journey full of crazy adventures and amazing memories.

Guest post by Jenny Perkins